Friday, February 12, 2010


Justin Bieber will play principal for a day a Northview High School in California on Tuesday. Power 106 held a contest where students registered their schools on to have Justin to be their 'Principal for a Day' and perform at the winning school. Northview High School won the contest with over 56% of the votes. Thx ShineOnMedia!

Justin chatted with STAR about girls: What is your ideal girl like? The two qualities she has to have are, one, she has to make me laugh because I like a sense of humor and I like to laugh. And two, I also like a girl who is smart so we can carry on a conversation.

What would be your ideal date? As long as she is happy, I am happy. Whatever she wants to do, I am down for. I would want her to tell me what she wants to do and then I will plan it. Do you write your own songs? Yes. I also co-write with a great group of people too. I get a lot of inspiration from Michael Jackson and I also liked Boyz II Men growing up.

Do you have a favorite song you would sing to her? I don't really sing to girls on dates. Sorry to disappoint you. What's up next for you professionally? I have been in the recording studio working on some new material so that has been keeping me busy.

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