Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nick Jonas Favorite Valentine's Record

Do YOU think Nick is spending Valentine's Day with Selena? From Charlotte: On the Modelinia Nick Jonas post: Nick Jonas stated that his favourite song at the moment is 'Last Time Around' at 3:00 mins. A couple of days ago Selena Gomez also stated that 'Last Time Around' was her favorite song off of Nick's Album;

From GG: After Selena left, JoJo was still talking to the fans and he said that the first thing Selena did when she got in the studio was say that 'Nick wants me to say hello to you'. And that 'they have been hanging all around town lately', 'and she was talking about Nick quite a bit'. It was on his Live Stream after Selena leaves. Just listened to it. During the interview, Selena said her favorite song on his new album was 'Last Time Around'.

'Last Time Around' lyrics: Keep on movin', Like you did last summer, When the grass was greener , And your hair was longer, If you become familiar with another in town, Don't forget about the fun that we had, Last time around. It is obviously about Selena with the 'last summer' quote: they dated last summer & 'your hair was longer' quote: Selena cut her hair shorter when they broke up!

SOH by oceanUP

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