Thursday, January 14, 2010

Taylor Swift Takes a Break & Write MySpace Thank You Note (Pictures)

Country star Taylor Swift had an amazing, wonderful and perfect year of 2009, as she seems to have won every important award for her music with the hit album “Fearless”, but she needed some rest and took the whole month off before kicking ass at the Grammy Awards at the end of the month.

Taylor wrote a super sweet message on her MySpace blog titled “Thank You January”, where she also posted some beautiful mostly black and white pictures she took with her new camera (more photos below).
Thank you January.

Thank you January. I have had this month off. I have walked on snow-covered grass and discovered new coffee shops and laughed hysterically with friends about things that probably weren’t technically funny. I’ve written songs on napkins and sat at a giant table with my whole family on my mother’s birthday, all of us in one place for the first time in too long. I’ve gotten to take what has happened to me and process it to my full capability, and celebrate it the way it deserved to be celebrated. I’ve made new music. I’ve gone over the memories and jumped up and down with my producer and floated around with nothing on my schedule other than just appreciating what my life has somehow turned into. So thank you for giving me so much to be thankful for this January. Thank you beyond what I know how to say.

I got a new camera. Do you want to see some pictures?



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