Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Justin Bieber Wants A Girl For Christmas

Justin Bieber juggles some presents in his hands to give to that one special girl in this new shot from the upcoming issue of Twist magazine!

The 15-year-old musician revealed that he would love a girl to share the holidays with.

Justin shared, “My mom was in geared-to-income housing, and she made $11,000 a year. She didn’t make a lot of money, but we had a roof over our head and we were very fortunate. I had everything I wanted so that was good, but I’ve actually never had a crush during the holidays.”

“I’m single right now, so you can put that out there if you want!” Justin continued, still looking for that special someone to share a hot cocoa with during the holidays.

Be sure to pick up the new issue of Twist mag to read Justin’s full story — out on stands on Monday, December 7th!

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