Thursday, December 17, 2009

Logan Miller is In The Band — JJJ Exclusive Interview

Check out Disney XD’s latest leading man, Logan Miller!

The 17-year-old Ghosts of a Girlfriends Past actor recently caught up with to chat about his upcoming series, I’m In The Band, the psychedelic purple band van and what he really wants for Christmas. Check it:

JJJ: Tell us about your character, Tripp Campbell.

Logan Miller: Tripp has been playing guitar practically since he was born, Loves guitar so much, and he just loves rock n roll, he is a guy that would stop a nothing to achieve what he needs to achieve, if it’s being in the band, doing something with or with the band, what is happening or obstacles he’ll find a way to do it.

JJJ: What type of music do you play on the show?

LM: It’s all a very 80s rock kind of feel. That is what is so great about the show, — staying true to 80s rock and everything. We always have different songs but they all sound like different bands, which is so cool. Sometimes they’ll sound like Aerosmith or Motley Crew. We have one song called “Fire Start the Clowns” that sounds very much like Motley Crew. There are all these cool, different sounds and we’re adding them all together. There are some very funny songs too. by JJJ

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