Monday, December 28, 2009

Nicole Anderson is Accused at 17

Check out the cool new poster for Nicole Anderson’s new thriller, Accused at 17!

In the upcoming flick, 17-year-old Bianca Miller (Anderson) finds out her boyfriend cheated on her with a classmate, Dory, (Lindsay Taylor) she’s furious. When her best friends Fallyn, 17, (Janet Montgomery) and Sarah, 17 (Stella Maeve) suggest they play a prank on Dory to make her pay, Bianca agrees to go along.

But when Dory’s dead body is found by a hiker, Bianca is horrified and wants to go to the police. She confesses to her mother Jacqui (Cynthia Gibb) the details of the prank and the two decide to go to the police and tell them.

Accused at 17 is coming soon. Check out the trailer below!

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