Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nick Jonas: I’m Fascinated With Politics

Nick Jonas maybe not be running for President next year (he’s not old enough), but he still has dreams of waking up in The White House one day.

The 17-year-old musician caught up with MTV to chat about his college plans, The Administration and his funny nickname, Mr. President. Check it:

On furthering his education: “We’ll have to wait and see. The first step to the whole process is going to college and getting that in there. I visited a couple colleges this past summer. It was interesting to see how it would all work out and what the timing would be, but that might be in the future some day.”

On his nickname, Mr. President: “Not so much [fascinated] with politics, but more just about the fascination with the president. The opportunities that we’ve had to go to the White House, the times that I’ve joked about wanting to be president and all that, I’m taking [it] somewhat serious.”

On The Administration’s new songs: “Obviously, I have a lot of time to think about that, but it was something cool to do with this. And it gave me some inspiration, and having a list of a hundred of these things that I could take and make them double meanings…only four of them stuck. ‘Oval Office’ is a song that didn’t sound that cool.”

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